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We are glad to see you're exploring the possibility of underwriting WEAK Radio. This information is designed to show how you or your business and our radio station can both benefit. Please take your time and read the information in this document. Feel free to direct any questions to the WEAK Radio staff, ready to serve you at: (740) 593-3683. Because of the "Spam bots", we have devised our email script that can be used by clicking on the mail icon:

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What is Underwriting?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) allows businesses to underwrite or fund programs on stations like WEAK Radio, but it does not allow commercial advertising. WEAK Radio also known as Union Station, depends on underwriting donations from businesses like your’s and individuals to defray operating costs, as well as equipment purchases and repairs. Unlike many other non-commercial stations, WEAK Radio does not receive funding from the government. Underwriting is highly similar to commercial advertising, but differs in a few very important areas. The FCC forbids announcements that issue a CALL TO ACTION. This means that statements like "stop in, shop here, call, call now, limited time only, mention WEAK Radio", etc. are not allowed. Underwriter announcements also may not contain QUALITATIVE WORDS. Qualitative words such as largest selection, newest model, best in town, finest selection, and state of the art are prohibited. Finally, announcements may not mention or give reference to PRICES. References such as free, sale, discount, clearance, reduced, going out of business sale, and liquidation , are also prohibited by the FCC.

Underwriting announcements on WEAK Radio are required to follow all FCC regulations.

Our Enhanced Underwriting Announcements:

 identify but do not promote.

 do not call to action.

 use value neutral language.

 do not mention prices.

 can be produced in 10 to 30-second pre-recorded announcements.

Enhanced Underwriting Announcements on WEAK Radio are recorded by WEAK Radio's production staff. Underwriter announcements that are not recorded by WEAK Radio, are not accepted. Announcements may include information which identifies but does not promote the underwriter including:

 the name of the underwriter.

 the underwriter's products and/or services

 the underwriter's corporate slogan (as long as it is not a promotional statement, like “Get Met, It Pays”)

 the location of the underwriter's business.

 the underwriter's telephone number.

 the underwriter's web address.

Enhanced Underwriting Announcements on WEAK Radio may not:

 be a commercial.

 include a call to action.

 use qualitative language.

 mention any prices.

 endorse a product or service.

(Some examples of announcement texts are included at the end of this page for your reference.)

Why your business should underwrite WEAK Radio...

Your support of non-commercial radio is vital to maintaining the quality of programming and services you and other listeners in The Athens County area have come to expect from WEAK Radio.

How can underwriting benefit your business?

While underwriting is not commercial advertising, it can provide your firm with some of the same benefits plus some that commercial advertising can't offer. Research indicates that Low Power radio is an excellent public relations tool. Listeners have a positive image of companies that support Low Power radio and report their purchasing decisions are influenced by such underwriting support.

Target and reach a select audience...

Because of the wide variety of programming done on WEAK Radio, the listeners are a diversified group of people who share many common interests and life-styles. WEAK Radio provides programs for groups ranging from most all ages, many of these age groups are ignored by the commercial stations. Senior citizens have above-average disposable incomes. They support businesses that support them.

Kids and college students are still establishing their purchasing patterns. WEAK Radio can help you reach all of these audiences.

Demonstrate your community concern...

Your support of WEAK Radio shows you are interested in contributing to the quality of life in Athens County and surrounding communities.

Expand awareness of your name and presence...

Awareness of your business is expanded each time you are mentioned on WEAK Radio. Here’s the best kept secret- with our diverse program offerings, you will be able to reach more types of listeners than any single format station!

Enhance your business image...

Your image is enhanced by your association with non-commercial local radio. You will be joining other fine businesses that support our quality radio programming.

Tax benefits...

WEAK Radio is a non-profit, non-commercial, radio station. We are a 501(c3) corporation. Any contribution is tax deductible.. Consult your tax preparer.

Increase your opportunities for your business personal name !

Advertise your association with WEAK Radio, Athens County's first Low Power FM Radio Station, in other media (newspapers, Internet, etc.) Advertising that your business is the sponsor of one of the many popular programs on WEAK Radio, or a station event, is an excellent way to increase the public's awareness of your business. It is a strong statement about your company's contribution to our community's well being.



Athens County's first Low Power FM Radio Station


WEAK Radio is a non-commercial radio station. We have a three objectives:

(1) Serve Athens County with high-quality programming that is both entertaining and educational.

(2) Serve the Athens region with information that the residents can use in their daily lives and that stimulates positive interaction between the local residents and the surrounding community.

(3) Train and educate interested community members in the field of broadcasting who wish to volunteer their services at WEAK Radio.


Depending upon local terrain, WEAK Radio has a primary coverage area of 10 and a secondary coverage area of 20 miles from its point of origin about 2 1/2 miles west of Athens on State Highway 56., Athens, Ohio.


WEAK Radio is a block formatted station providing music and information unavailable on commercial radio. We are proud to be a source of popular seldom played music primarily of the late 1950s through middle 1960s. However, we also play some of the following types as well (but we are not limited to these styles): Classical, Jazz, Blues, Polka, Latino, Gospel and Folk music. WEAK LP FM highlights the works of local artists.



WEAK Radio has four levels of underwriting or support:

1. SPONSORS are those listeners who wish to help us with their individual (not a business) donations. This rate is only $10.00 per month. If the supporter pays a year in advance, the total price is $100.00 (a savings of $20.00).

2. UNDERWRITERS are individuals, organization or other entities who donate $60.00 per month or $660.00 per year if paid in advance. (This is a savings of $60.00).

3. The WEATHER SPONSOR donates $50.00 per week for sponsoring the weather forcast about twice per hour. There is no discount for extended sponsorship.

4. Donors are contributors who wish to donate an amount that does not fall into the three other catagories or contributors who donate any amount to W-E-A-K LP-FM that want to be an anonymous contributor.

The sponsorship or underwriter message will play a minimum of 3 times per day during the contracted period. Sponsorships and underwriting payments are not refundable.

Any donation amount is appreciated. If you wish to be an anonymous doner, simply include this information on your correspondence and we will not air your name or business name on the air.

Sponsorship of special Station Events can always be arranged. As you can see, WEAK Radio can be a cost-effective alternative to newspaper classified ads, direct-mail and even commercial or public radio. All WEAK Radio underwriters who receive On-Air recognition, additionally receive a link to their Internet website added to http://www.weakradio.net, our Internet homepage. Please contact us at your earliest convenience, for complete sponsorship details.

Payments can be mailed to the address on the bottom of this page.

The following are examples of permitted and prohibited underwritng announcements for your reference:


PROHIBITED ANNOUNCEMENT: "Portions of the broadcast day on WEAK Radio is underwritten

by Speedy Lube, where you can now get a 10-point oil change and lube for

the unbelievably low price of just $12.99. So come on down to 115 Main

Street for fast, reliable service and a free gift.”

PERMITTED ANNOUNCEMENT: “This portion of WEAK Radio’s broadcast day is

underwritten by Speedy Lube, located at 115 Main Street in Trucksville.

Speedy Lube provides oil changes using Quker State lubricants, tune-ups,

and other minor vehicle maintenance services. Our thanks to Speedy Lube of

Trucksville. 610-555-6565.”

ANALYSIS: The first text mentions price and contains two calls to action. It

contains statments which include qualitative statements. The second

text identifies the sponsor, the sponsor's address, telephone number,

product line, and establishes a relationship to the program. The second text

is also permitted by the FCC.


Thank you for taking the time to learn about underwritng opportunities available at WEAK Radio. For further information, feel free to contact us:


WEAK Radio.

Hobby Radio, Inc. DBA WEAK Radio (Union Station)

6747 State Highway 56

Athens, Ohio 45701-9021

(740) 593-3683


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