Hobby Radio, Inc. d/b/a Union Station

W-E-A-K LP 106.7 FM

6747 State Highway 56

Athens, Ohio 45701-9021

Studio Line: 740 592-1067

Business Line: 740 593-3683


Underwriting Guidelines and Agreement

For Individuals


Hobby Radio, Inc. d.b.a. Union Station, W-E-A-K LP-FM, is listener supported. We depend on listener support to keep us 'on the air'.


Hobby Radio, Inc. offers the individual supporter two categories of underwriting on WEAK-LP-FM, Athens, Ohio's first Low Power FM Radio Station. W-E-A-K LP is licensed by the F.C.C. and all underwriting messages must comply with Federal Regulations.


Supporters (Sponsors): Supporters are individuals who privately contribute $10.00 or more. This entitles the supporter to a minimum of 3 'on-air' announcements each day for one month intervals. If a supporter contributes $100.00 per year, and if paid in advance, we will air their support acknowledgments for the last two months at no additional cost (which is a savings of $20.00). In other words, support for 10 months in advance and receive 12 months of acknowledgment.


Donors: This category is for any amount that a listener wishes to contribute to W-E-A-K LP-FM that is not covered by the other three types of support or for those who want to help W-E-A-K LP-FM but want to remain anonymous. Any amount would be graciously appreciated!


General items applicable:


1.                  Donations and Underwriting Support are/is non-refundable.

2.                  There will be at least three daily 'on-air' announcements of support and presence on http://www.weakradio.net/

3.                  Hobby Radio, Inc. DBA Union Station is a non-profit Ohio corporation that holds the FCC license for W-E-A-K LP-FM. We are restricted by the F.C.C. to be 'non-commercial'. Individual supporter’s names will be mentioned 'on-air', combined with other individual supporters and each message will play a minimum of three times per day throughout the term of support.

4.                  Credits on W-E-A-K LP-FM Radio are intended as a way of thanking and identifying underwriters.

5.                  Tax Deductibility: W-E-A-K LP-FM is a 501(C)(3) corporation. Contributions to W-E-A-K

            LP-FM are tax deductible. Consult your tax preparer.












Name: ________________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip:  ________________________________________________________________

Telephone number:  _____________________________________________________________

Web Page:  ____________________________________________________________________


Payment Options:


Category:                               Monthly:                                 ˝ Yearly:        Yearly:


Individual Supporter                 O ____  X  $10.00 = $____   O $60.00       O $100.00


Gospel Sponsor (Individual)     O____  X   $5.00 = $____     O $25.00       O $40.00


Donor                                         O $_____.___


Weather Sponsor                        O ____  X $50.00 = $____ (Weekly)


Preferred method of contribution:



O Email Address related to your PayPal Account                            O Cash or Check #




Absence of signature, but full payment constitutes these conditions are accepted:




Contributor                                                      Date


Preferred name for "airing" (Please print)   

O I prefer to remain anonymous – (No on-air announcement)



Please print and fill in this form and send it with your support or credit card information to:


Hobby Radio DBA Union Station - W-E-A-K LP-FM

6747 State Highway 56

Athens, Ohio 45701-9021

Thanks so much for your support. Any amount is graciously appreciated!