Anthony Lucero
I am a 3rd generation broadcaster with a love of music.
My professional career began back in 1989 and I have
worked off and on again from then until now!

Often times, a common question asked is "what kind of
music do you like" to which I always respond with "two
kinds of music: rock...and roll!" Truth be told, however,
it doesn't really matter if the song was recorded by
Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, or Tom long as the
music is good then I am a fan of it.

On a personal note, I was born in Roswell, New Mexico and currently
reside in Oklahoma City. I live
with my wife, kids, and dog.

Care to see some photos???

My beautiful wife Bobbi and I.

My late father, Tony Lucero. The resemblance frightens even me.

My daughter Kelli and my grandson Torrin.
The pic is a few years old...he's 5 now! WOW!

The rest of the kids.
From left to right: Keith, Tony, Bridgette, and Kandice.
Wow I need to get new pics! Kandi is in the US Army while Bri & Tony are in High School!!!
Keith is still young and finally grew into his head so he no longer resembles Charlie Brown.